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when i go online, or turn on the television, or even just read a magazine, i am confronted by images of men and women who lie to make their living. hordes of them. straight-faced, with no hint of conscience.

a man in a grey pressed suit and waxy hairstyle whistles today’s carefully selected and refined stories through his teeth during a morning newscast.

an attractive dark-skinned woman brandishes her new variety of the same awful toothpaste that has been on the market since the 1950’s.

a politician vomits his blessings and curses from the floor of congress high into the upper atmosphere, resounding on a legion of invisible frequencies.

a computer-generated, personified bee with pleasing accent encourages consulting a physician before ingesting his advertised nasal spray.

an acclaimed physician, complete with white lab coat and stethoscope, fully endorses this newest addition america’s pharmacopeia.

a well-groomed and gesticulating intellectual suggests that many fears of global warming and climate change are not well founded in scientific evidence.

a wrinkled, overweight man with a greying combover intones the trusted and time-honored motto of his used car dealership.

a somber man with a neck brace is promised full compensation for his accident by a team of indignant, patrician lawyers shown posing amid thick volumes of case law.

it seems to me that almost everyone is engaged in some kind of lie, either to persuade me or to dissuade me of something. i hope that somehow, enough honest and genuinely impassioned people survive the ever-widening circle of random mortalities and obstacles that litter the path to progress.

and fox news makes me sick inside.

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