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Eruptions of Audiovisual Illusions

Inspired by the societal influences volcanoes have on our lives, artist Joanie Lemercier created two projects “EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL” (2010) and “FUJI” (2014) using a combination of simple and complex audiovisual elements, playing with our depth of field and perception of the installation environment.

In both installations, the artist hand draws the wire-frame scenery to a wall, mimicking the topography of the respective volcanic landscapes. Stereoscopy and shading are used as the key elements which manipulate the audience’s perception of the image before them. The shadows created by the light projections give the illusion of depth within the ridges and points, even distance between mountains, aided by the fluid grid-lines and computer software. The artist himself describes this process as “modifying the perception of things…it is almost like modifying reality”. Lemercier “[plays] around with visual perception [to] trick the senses using optical illusions”, allowing the naturally flat surface and image to take on a three-dimensional forms.

Both examples of audiovisual mapping stem from events that have shaped certain societies, in small and large ways respectively; “EYJAFJALLAJÖKULL” was created in response to the eruption of the volcano in Iceland in 2010, which restricted travel in almost all of Europe. “FUJI” continues the artists’ exploration of volcanoes, this time Fujiyama in Japan, by incorporating elements of the legend of Kaguya Hime; a 10th-century folk-tale which the artist claims is “a key element in Japanese culture”.

Where the first installation focused on optical illusion and manipulation of audiovisual perception only, “FUJI” does the same, but with the added bonus of narrative. The projection becomes both optical illusion and poetry within its immersive environment.

-Anna Paluch

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I just watched Good Morning Vietnam. I miss Robin Williams so much.

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Los Angeles, 2019

Blade Runner (1982) dir. Ridley Scott

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Photo 13 Oct And Pope Francis said “Let the Gays fuck.”
Thus dismantling one more wall for bigotry and intolerance to cower behind.

And Pope Francis said “Let the Gays fuck.

Thus dismantling one more wall for bigotry and intolerance to cower behind.

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Martin Usborne - The Silence of Dogs in Cars (2011)

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It’s good to work out when you’re upset.

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Temple of the Dog  |  1991

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Text 30 Sep 1 note Not a single day goes by

when I can’t literally stop and stare in total awe at how amazing this world is. It keeps me going, that feeling.

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Floral Study (Lilacs) by Antoine Berjon (1754-1843).
Image and text courtesy MFA Boston


Floral Study (Lilacs) by Antoine Berjon (1754-1843).

Image and text courtesy MFA Boston

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1. Makhachkala Grand Mosque - Dagestan, Russia

2. Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque - Chechnya, Russia

3. Sultan Ahmed Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey

4. Qolsharif Mosque - Tartarstan, Russia

5. Badshahi Mosque - Lahore, Pakistan

6. Masjid al-Haram - Makkah, Arabia 

7. Putra Mosque - Putrajaya, Malaysia

8. Hassan II Mosque - Casablanca, Morocco

9. Masjid an-Nabawi - Madinah, Arabia

10. Omar Ibn al-Khattab Mosque - Berlin, Germany

I don’t want to….I NEED to visit and see these spectacular Masjids in person


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Seriously cannot understand the crap on television these days. 

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Gorillaz - Tomorrow Comes Today

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